As the main progression system on Emberfall, our ranks system consists of 17 different ranks that are purchasable with in-game currency, starting off as an Outcast, you will make money and purchase new ranks unlocking all sorts of new rewards and perks as you make your way to becoming a Legend of Emberfall.


As a main source of income in our server for people starting off, the Jobs plugin is well known and provides a sustainable income as you do regular tasks in Minecraft. Start off with one job and continue on to master multiple jobs as you progress through the ranks and unlock more slots.

mcMMO Reborn

A common and well-known plugin for Survival and RPG Minecraft servers, mcMMO introduces tons of new skills related to every aspect of Minecraft, from Mining to Fishing to Acrobatics. Leveling up your skills will give you access to some neat abilities that will prove quite useful in-game.


A fan-favorite for being able to live amongst friends or get a certain feeling of power being the mayor of your own town, Towny allows players to create or join towns and live amongst other players using a grid system of plot-based properties. But don't worry! Just because we have Towny doesn't mean it's our only land claim feature, or that you are forced into joining a town. See below for more!


If you are more of a lone-wolf or fancy your own private get-away outside of Towns, our block claim system provides a simple and easy way for any player to claim sections of the world for their own purposes, safe from other players, and there is even the option to trust some friends to build and live with you in your claimed blocks. Starting at 200 blocks, players will gain access to more space as they progress through the in-game Economy+ ranks.


Here on Emberfall, we feel an economy created by the players will be the healthiest, so we have a marketplace that will be completely run by the players, with purchasable plots to set up your own shop using the QuickShop plugin, and of course players will also have access to the Auction House where they can sell and purchase items from anywhere while in-game.


A little something to bring the community together, the Emberfall Fishing Tournaments occur twice a day, at 8am and 8pm EST. Come participate for your chance at winning up to $1,000 in-game.


Dungeons on Emberfall are another way to spend your time and get some powerful loot. Dungeons can be completed once per day, and mobs and bosses in the dungeons have chances to drop Relic Shards, an in-game currency used to purchase powerful weapons and armor known as Relics. These dungeons are no cake-walk though, and it is beneficial to bring along a few friends to help complete them.


If you are looking to take a break from doing your job or are looking for some challenge in your game, Emberfall quests are sure to create a more engaging, active, and entertaining experience on our server with some juicy rewards available.


Fancy yourself a winner? The Emberfall casino may be a little sketchy, set up in an attic at the docks, but there’s always a chance to win big and hit the jackpot, or perhaps lose your savings and have to start from square one.


You know there’s always moments when you wish you had just an extra line or two of inventory space. Well with our backpack plugin, you can gain access to up to 6 new rows of backpack space as you progress through the ranks on Emberfall!


When designing our gameplay, wanted even more progression for better gear, as even with Netherite you can max out quite fast in Vanilla. So to help create more goals for the players to achieve, we have included an enchanting system on Emberfall drastically expands on the basic Minecraft enchantments. While you can still enchant normally at an enchanting table (with chances to receive custom enchants here), there is an enchanting area where you can purchase random enchantments of different rarities that will have random success rates of applying to your gear, using Vanilla Minecraft XP. Along with this, there is a vendor to buy enchanted dust to increase the success chance of your books. If you aren’t satisfied with an enchantment book, you can also recycle it to a chance for enchanted dust of the same rarity.


BigDoors is a plugin that allows exactly what is says on the tin, Big Doors! If you've ever built a castle you'll know the pain of having to build a drawbridge and the sadness that comes knowing it doesn't work, or for you redstone geniuses out there who spend too much time to make small , chunky piston doors you know it doesn't always fill your aesthetic needs. With Big Doors this is no problem! You can create fully functional moving structures from drawbridges to castle gates to add that special touch to your bases and builds. Not only that but it is simple to use and can only take a short period of time to get the hang of. With its simple yet friendly GUI you’ll be making doors in no time! Available with a purchase from the in-game shop at /buy.


Some people enjoy a much more relaxing time on Minecraft every now and then, with our painting plugin, you can setup your easel and canvas anywhere with a beautiful view or relaxing sounds, and paint to your heart’s desire. This features is unlocked with the VIP+ bundle purchased through /buy.