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Welcome to Emberfall
Started by Lucfours

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Grand Opening of Emberfall MC. I am your Server Owner and Manager, Lucas (Lucfours). I have spent hours on end constructing what I feel is a great base for a server possible of becoming something amazing. But the only thing missing is you - our community! So please join me in-game, and on our Discord, to learn all there is to know about Emberfall.

There will be a Suggestions forum for changes and additions that our community would like to see, as well as a Help forums for, well, support. This forum will be for all things Emberfall that does not fall into those two categories, so please discuss here or on our Discord #general channel.

Please reach out if you have any questions. Our Staff Team is small but knowledgable and I will personally be very active to make sure everyone has the best experience possible on our server.

Thank you,


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