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Staff Application Forms
Started by Lucfours

Hi Everyone,

Although we have assembled ourselves a small initial Staff Team to be ready for our Server's launch, we will inevitably need to grow the Staff Team when our Community grows as fast as we are expecting it to. That is where you come in!

We are currently taking applications for 3 different roles, but not neccessarily bringing in all 3 roles right away. Please understand that although these Application Forms are available, we don't want people applying on their first day on the server. It is just to let you know the process is here and so you know where to find it once you do feel ready to join the Staff Team and once we have the need to expand.

We shouldn't have to say this but please do not contact our existing Staff Team to ask for updates on your Application. We will reach out to you once decisions are made. If you have not heard back, then you are still being considered for the role you applied to.

Please find each Staff Application under the respective position below.

Thank you and good luck,





Content Creator (Youtube/Twitch)




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