These rules pertain to our MC Server, and Discord server/website where applicable.

(1.a) No racism/discrimation of any type. Everybody, whether they are staff or otherwise, deserve to be respected. We are not a 'clean' chat by rule, but we do not tolerate any form of racism/discrimination/sensitive topics (e.g. sexual assault, personal info, etc) and all punishment of messages sent in our chat (Discord and in-game) is left up to our Server Moderation Team.

(1.b) Keep all off-topic/NSFW/sexual chat to a minimum. Again, the chat is not 'clean' as a rule but no graphic/sexual content is warranted on a Minecraft's server general chat.

(1.c) No arguing in public/general chat. Any debates can be taken either off the server or to PMs on the server. The public chat is meant to be game related discussion or otherwise constructive topics.

(1.d) Respect any statements made by any member of our Staff Team - do not attempt to argue their statements in public chat. They make choices based on our rules and any punishment can be reviewed together with the Staff, Owner and Defendant, the place for arguing is not on the server.

(1.e) Please only use English in general chat. Our Staff Team is not expected to know other languages besides English so this way we can moderate chat appropriately. Feel free to use PMs for other languages.

(1.f) As a baseline, the chat will be moderated using the format Verbal Warning, then Official Warning, then a Temp Mute. After this is left up to Staff Team based on the severity of actions.

(2.a) No griefing, stealing, harassing, or begging from other players. Any decision in this regard comes down to the Server Moderation team, and must be appealed on the Discord if you believe you were punished unfairly.

(2.b) No claiming/griefing within 100 blocks of an existing Town or Claim without proof of permission - any claim made within 100 blocks will be deleted without warning and the build relocated to 100 blocks away.

(3) Any client providing an unfair advantage (minimap-OptiFine excepted) will not be tolerated and use will be bannable after one warning.

(4) Don't advertise other Minecraft or Discord servers. Other links to Emberfall-related or in-game related resources are allowed but posting shady or suspicious links will result in being chat muted.

(5) Any AFK machines such as fishing, mining, XP grinders or otherwise that can be used to exploit the Jobs plugin payouts or allow un-manned AFK gain is strictly forbidden and usage of such will result in a no-warning punishment and the grinder destroyed/removed.

(6) Use of any exploits, whether Staff are aware of the exploit or not, or if you feel that it is an exploit or not, will be punished.

(7) We do not allow the trading of in-game/server items for purchasing of donor bundles, or anything else with real monetary value. This is to stay in line with our 'No P2W' policy.

(8) Do not ask to be appointed to a Staff Role in our Discord or Staff Rank on our Server. All staff are carefully chosen, as well as vetted through our Application Forms as an initial step. Adding on to this, asking for updates on your Staff Application will decrease the chances of acceptance.